Divine Delta 黑色钢琴漆

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Divine 100.33 - Home Theater Shack (USA)

April 28 - 2015

"The 100.33s sound as beautiful as they look. XTZ Sound has a real gem on its hands – a true high-end entry." 

- Todd Anderson, HomeTheaterShack

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Divine 100.33 - HiFi & Musik (Sweden)

May 02 - 2013

"Great Deal - Award"    "Fully grown bookshelf speakers with large and detailed sound, and hefty base in the bottom as bonus."
"Nice, relaxed and with a large and vigorous authority. And with the right angle, you get a large three-dimensional soundstage too." "Divine clearly likes a decent amplifier. If you want to hear what they are really going for, then you need an amplifier that can supply power continuously. Preferably one with a little body and warmth. Then they can trick you into believing that you're listening to a pair of floorstanding speakers."

- Hifi & Musik

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Divine 100.33 - Hi-Fi (China)

March 05 - 2013

"My first impression of XTZ 100.33 is the stressless, thick and balanced sound, very comfortable in listening. Using Accuton ceramic drivers definitely have natural sound characteristics such as the high definition, transient, density, and textures and so on will not back down."    "The sound of relaxation generous, just make a lot of floor stand speakers ashamed. The performance is so amazing."     "...a tight midrange , and the bass is full of energy."    "Good balanced sound and excellent detail reproduction"

- Pan Zhiqiang,  Hi-Fi

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